sinotruk howo a7 4×2 tractor truck

howo 4×2 tractor truck the newly designed Sinotruk D12 series engine is currently the most representative domestic heavy-duty truck engine with a power range of 340-460Ps. China National Heavy Duty Truck has developed a series of new technologies and achieved obvious differentiated results, making the D12 engine have good maneuverability. Large displacement and high power enable the vehicle to gain power from low idle speed. At the same time, its wide speed range enables the whole machine to obtain a constant power value and maximum torque value. This characteristic determines the perfect fuel economy and driving performance of the D12 engine. Exquisite manufacturing and assembly processes make the engine overhaul mileage more than 1 million kilometers. Effectively solve the problem of high after-sales failures of other similar models in China. In order to meet the needs of different customers, China National Heavy Duty Truck has also customized the D10 series engine (270PS-380PS) for HOWO-A7. The D10 series engine adopts independent innovation, the first domestic technology-supercharger mid-mounted. The application of this technology has resulted in substantial changes in the intake and exhaust systems, with smooth intake and concise exhaust, making the vehicle’s “lung” function more prominent and improving fuel economy. D10 and D12 engines both meet the national 3 emission standards and have the technical potential of national 4 and national 5.

howo 4×2 tractor truck the leading technology that created a new era of China’s heavy-duty truck transmission-SMARTSHIFT-AMT smart shift manual automatic transmission “SMARTSHIFT literally translates as “smart shift”. AMT is the standard technology for high-end heavy trucks in the world, and 50% of European trucks are equipped with AMT gearboxes. The launch of China National Heavy Duty Truck SMARTSHIFT-AMT enables Chinese users to enjoy the operating comfort of international high-end heavy-duty trucks, thereby elevating China’s heavy-duty truck technology to the ranks of the world’s advanced heavy-duty trucks! Leading China (Asia) heavy trucks into the era of automatic shifting.

Sinotruk’s SMARTSHIFT gearbox is a 16-speed electronically controlled and automatic gearbox, just like a highly skilled driver driving a truck, with higher fuel efficiency. The working principle and structure of AMT are completely different from the AT of a car. The AT for cars uses a turbine to drive hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic oil then drives the mechanical device. The efficiency loss of the oil drive is relatively large, so it generally consumes 1-2 liters of fuel more than a manual tank for a hundred kilometers. AMT is a mechanical gearbox that realizes automatic gear shifting through electronic control. When shifting gears, it is also like a manual box. It is necessary to separate the clutch and use the engine to increase the speed or the transmission to brake. When the meshing synchronization is achieved, the most suitable gear is automatically switched. The manual box saves fuel by 3%-5%. Suitable for various working conditions. Using China National Heavy Duty Truck’s SMARTSHIFT, the driver can focus more on driving and the surrounding traffic environment, and react in time. Help new drivers reach the level of advanced drivers. The driver can still shift gears manually. Switch to manual mode and use the control handle to select the appropriate gear. Trucks using SMARTSHIFT do not have a clutch pedal, and gear shifting is fully automatic.

Type of VehicleTRACTOR TRUCK
Wheel base (mm)3500
EmissionEURO II
Typewater-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders in line,
turbocharged, directly injection
Kind of FuelDiesel
Clutch & Gear Box System
ClutchSINOTRUKΦ430mm diaphragm spring clutch
Gear BoxHW19710/HW19712   10 or 12speeds
Front Axle ModelHF7 axle
Rear AxleST16 axle
Ratio of rear axle3.73 Optional: 3.93 4.22 4.42 4.80 5.73
Electrical System
Brake System
Service brakeDual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brakespring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brakeEngine exhaust brake
Steering system
Typehydraulic steering with power assistance
Wheels & Tyres
Quantity6+1 spare
King pin50mm

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