cnhtc truck parts supplier sinotruk howo spare parts howo cabin parts Combination lamp WG9719810001 15% discount

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When driving at night, the taillights indicate that there is a car in front of the rear car and show the positional relationship between the two workshops, so they are installed on both sides of the rear of the car. The safety regulations in Japan are the same as the European standard ECE7. The luminous intensity near the center is 4~12 cd, and the light color is red.

The development trend of car taillights:
(1) Higher luminous intensity and reasonable light intensity distribution;
(2) Fast luminous rising front time;
(3) Long life, maintenance-free, low energy consumption;
(4) Strong switch durability;
(5) Good vibration and shock resistance.
At present, the light sources used in car tail lights are mainly incandescent lamps, and some new light sources such as light emitting diodes (LED) and neon lights have also appeared.

Classification of car tail light sources
Incandescent light source
WG9719810001 Incandescent lamp is a kind of heat radiation light source, which relies on electric energy to heat the filament to incandescent and emit light. The light emitted is a continuous spectrum. The traditional car taillight with incandescent lamp as the light source is mainly composed of 4 parts: incandescent light source, single parabolic reflector, light filter and light distribution lens. The incandescent lamp has a simple structure and is easy to use. It is the most commonly used light source with stable output and little change with ambient temperature.
Light Emitting Diode (LED)
The principle of the light-emitting diode is that when the junction diode is in a positive bias state, the electrons in the N region and the holes in the P region cross each other through the PN junction, and the electrons and holes recombine to emit light.
Neon light source
WG9719810001 The luminous principle of neon light source is to apply an electric field at both ends of a discharge tube filled with inert gas to produce continuous discharge. In this process, the excited noble gas atoms release photons to emit light when they return to the ground state, and are filled with different noble gases to emit different colors of light.

cnhtc truck parts supplier sinotruk howo spare parts howo cabin parts Combination lamp WG9719810001 15% discount
cnhtc truck parts supplier sinotruk howo spare parts howo cabin parts Combination lamp WG9719810001 15% discount
1WG9719810001001Grouped lamps
3WG9719810002001Grouped lamps  
5Q41808004Wave washer

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