SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited Held the Board Meeting


The Board Meeting for SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited was […]

The Board Meeting for SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited was held in Jinan on March 31. Ma Chunji, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, chaired the meeting, and all of the 15 Directors attended the meeting (including 4 Directors attending the meeting via telephone conference system), with the number satisfying the quorum. The howo truck heads of the Securities Department, Legal and Audit Department, Finance Department and General Administration Department and the lawyer representatives from the law firms employed by the Company also attended the meeting as the non-voting delegate.

All the Directors approved the business report unanimously made by Cai Dong, the Executive Director and President of the Company, the financial report by Kong Xiangquan, the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Company as well as the 2015 performance announcement and a series of reports and proposals.

The Directors made full discussions on the business report and financial report of the Company and gave credit for the achievements obtained by the management team of the Company under such severe economic situation and market environment as well as proposed many fine views and recommendations on how to adapt to the requirements of the heavy truck markets at home and abroad, how to resolve the excess production capacity actively, how to give full play to the advantage of MAN Technology and how to strengthen the training on the legal knowledge of the employees to reduce the business risks and others.

Ma Chunji stated that this meeting had put forward new concrete requirements for the Executive Directors, non-Executive Directors and independent directors respectively, hoping that everyone could make efforts to make contributions to the innovation and development of SINOTRUK, give back to society and give back to the shareholders.

Report by Wang Xueshi  Photographed by Mao Aohai

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