SINOTRUK Gained An 8% Increase of Complete Vehicle Export in Previous 2 Months Compare with Same Period of Last year


According to the reports of foreign trade imports and e […]

According to the reports of foreign trade imports and exports for the previous 2 months published by the General Administration of Customs, the national exports in February dropped 20.6% from a year earlier, the biggest decline since May, 2009 and also the 3rd biggest decline ever in the history. Facing so stern situation on the international market, SINOTRUK Import & Export Co., Ltd confronted all difficulties and moved forward, standing out on the heavy-duty truck export market with an 8% increase of complete vehicle export in previous 2 months in 2016 from the same period a year earlier.

Under the guidance of international market planning, SINOTRUK howo truck continuously upgraded and completed its overseas marketing network, aftersales services and parts network and overseas KD network, and obtained the preliminary full coverage of market to the developing countries and major emerging economies in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, Central Asia, Russia and Southeast Asia and the access to the markets in the developed countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, North Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc. Based on this preliminary coverage of international market at a high level, SINOTRUK more focused on setting up and completing the networks in local regions and markets for a new prospect and a new advantage on the international market.

As to the vigorous advancement in the brand upgrade independently or jointly with the overseas distributors, SINOTRUK deeply integrated its “SINOTRUK” brand with local culture by means of the internationally-known exhibitions, featured truck matches, truck culture tours and overseas famous media and consequently introduced the adaptive products and new technology products into the market, especially the high-end MAN products, so as to enhance the SINOTRUK’s image.

Meanwhile, SINOTRUK has set up the overseas parts centers in the Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa to prepose the parts resources, expand the serving radius and optimize the service effect; and also further improved the aftersales service training, technical support, customer training in China, professional service team for large customers to continuously upgrade the “Overseas Qinren” service brand.

According to the data published by the General Administration of Customs, Chinese truck manufacturers exported 4,090 heavy duty trucks in January, 2016, in which 2,106 were exported by SINOTRUK, accounting for 51.5%.

Guo Kui

Edited by: Chen Pengfei

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