sinotruk howo truck parts clutch booster wg9725230041,wg9725230042

wg9725230041 and wg9725230042 howo clutch booster is suitable for SINOTRUK and other heavy duty brand trucks. Especially for HOWO, HOWO A7, STEYR and so on. china howo truck co.,limited is mainly produce and sale sinotruk howo genuine truck parts.howo transmission parts, engine parts, cabin parts and chassis parts on sale.

Automobile clutch booster g9725230041 , as the name suggests, can provide assistance to the clutch to help the driver reduce the effort, thereby reducing driving fatigue and ensuring driving safety.

1 Structural characteristics of clutch booster
The pneumatic booster of the automobile clutch wg9725230041 is arranged in the hydraulic operating mechanism, and it shares a set of compressed air source with the pneumatic brake system and other pneumatic equipment. It is mainly composed of four parts: pneumatic control valve, hydraulic cylinder, power piston, and housing.

In order to enable the driver to sense and control the degree of clutch disengagement or engagement at any time, the output force of the pneumatic booster has a certain increasing function relationship with the clutch pedal stroke. In addition, when the pneumatic assist system fails, the clutch can be operated manually.

2 working principle
When the clutch pedal is stepped on, the hydraulic oil from the clutch master cylinder wg9725230042 enters the inner cavity of the booster through the oil pipe. As the pedal stroke increases, the amount of oil entering the booster increases and the oil pressure increases. At this time, the hydraulic oil pushes the piston And the core rod diaphragm assembly moves to the right, the exhaust hole at the end of the core rod is blocked by the lift valve, and the lift valve is opened, so that the compressed air from the air reservoir enters the power piston 5 through the right cavity of the core rod diaphragm assembly As the opening stroke of the poppet valve increases, the compressed air pushes the power piston, push rod, hydraulic piston, push rod 1 to move to the right and pushes the clutch release fork to rotate, so that the clutch release bearing pushes the lever backing ring forward, so that The clutch wg9725230041 is disengaged.

When the wg9725230042 clutch pedal is released, the oil pressure drops. Under the action of the pressure plate spring, the push rod, hydraulic piston, push rod and power piston are reversely pushed. The compressed air causes the core rod diaphragm assembly to move to the left, and the poppet is returning. Closed by the position spring, the compressed air in the right diaphragm cavity and the left cavity of the power piston flows into the left diaphragm cavity through the exhaust hole in the core rod, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the vent plug. Under the action of the push rod, the hydraulic piston returns and the hydraulic oil flows back into the clutch master cylinder.

Part NameClutch booster
Part NumberWG9725230041, WG9725230042
Packagecarton,wooden box
Weight2.6 kg
TypeSinotruk spare parts
Payment TermsT/T, L/C,Western Union
Delivery TimeWithin 3-7days after receiving payment

shipping: express, such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and so on,Asia within 3 days, middle east and south Africa within 5-7 working days, Oceania within 3-5 working days, south America about 7 working days.the advantage is door to door and high speed, its suitable for small and expensive spare parts. air, generally within 3-10 working days, its suitable for little and urgent purchase. land, suitable for border country, such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and so on.within 3-5 working days we can send the goods to the border. sea, the most commonly used and most economical mode of transportation, send southeast Asia about 2 week, send to Oceania about 3 weeks, middle east about:4 weeks, Africa about 30-50 days, south America about:30-45 days, its suitable for container and bulk cargo.

sinotruk howo truck parts clutch booster wg9725230041,wg9725230042
sinotruk howo truck parts clutch booster wg9725230041,wg9725230042

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