sinotruk howo rubber bracket AZ9725520278

AZ9725520278 The rubber bearing refers to the supporting part used to support the weight of the container or equipment and fix it in a certain position, and also bear the vibration and seismic load during operation.

The rubber bearings currently produced by the rubber and plastic parts manufacturing department are AZ9725520278, AZ9725520276, AZ9725520274 and AZ9725520273.
Among them, AZ9725520274 is only used for the 1697 bridge,
AZ9725520273 and AZ9725520276 are mainly used in tractors,
AZ9725520278 is mainly used for dump trucks.

The after-sale faults of rubber bearings are divided into the following categories:
①The product has no cracking phenomenon, but there are uniform cracks on the surface;
②The product has no cracking phenomenon, but there is rubber peeling off the surface;
③The product is slightly deformed;
④The product is partially cracked or completely cracked.
After sampling the returned old parts, a destructive tensile test was carried out, and the product reached 6MPa or more.
Among them, the destructive test tensile force of the first three types of modes are all 9 MPa and the bonding surface is well bonded, which can meet the use (the current bench test condition is that the tensile force is 5 MPa, and the life test is more than 1 million times).

sinotruk howo rubber bracket AZ9725520278
15.3AZ9631521177 howo truckPin assembly2
16WG9725520289Rear spring Ass.2
16.1WG9725520289+001/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.1WG9725520289+002/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.2WG9725520289+003/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.3WG9725520289+004/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.4WG9725520289+005/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.5WG9725520289+006/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.6WG9725520289+007/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.7WG9725520289+008/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.8WG9725520289+009/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.9WG9725520289+010/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.11WG9725520289+011/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.12WG9725520289+012/1Rear spring Ass.1
16.13WG9725520289+013/1Central screw1
16.14WG9725520289+014/1Central nut1

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