sinotruk howo front suspension parts howo push rod AZ9631523175

AZ9631523175 howo push rod is suitable for SINOTRUK and other heavy duty brand trucks. Especially for HOWO, HOWO A7, STEYR and so on. china howo truck co.,limited is mainly produce and sale sinotruk howo genuine truck parts.

AZ9631523175 Thrust rod, also called the anti-roll rod by popular, is an auxiliary component in the suspension system. Its main function is to prevent the body from turning too much laterally and causing unnecessary traffic accidents. Therefore, the main purpose of the lateral thrust rod is to prevent the car from tilting laterally and to improve the balance of the car. The lateral thrust rod is a torsion bar spring made of spring steel, which has a “U” shape and is placed horizontally on the front and rear walls of the car. In the middle of the thrust shaft, the sleeve is hinged with the frame, and the two ends of the thrust rod are respectively fixed on the left and right suspensions. Only when the vehicle body moves vertically, the deformation of the suspension on both sides is the same, and the lateral thrust rod does not play a role. When the body rolls, the suspension jumps on both sides are inconsistent, and the lateral thrust rods will twist, and the elastic force of the shaft will continue to make the car roll resistance, and finally play a role in lateral stability.

To prevent the axle from shifting, the general straight thrust rod can only prevent the middle and rear axle from shifting back and forth, while the V-shaped thrust rod AZ9631523175 can prevent the front and rear axle from shifting back and forth, as well as the left and right displacement, because this is used in automobiles. When turning, the middle and rear axle may shift left and right, causing friction between the leaf springs and the tires. In severe cases, the tires will wear out early, and even some serious traffic accidents may occur.

2 The difference between thrust bar and stabilizer bar
The thrust rod is a fixed claw (fixed axle head seat), and the stabilizer rod is a fixed left and right wheel bundle (fixes the distance between the left and right wheels).

3 thrust rod composition
AZ9631523175 The utility model includes a rod body, both ends of the rod body are provided with a rod head, and the rod head is provided with a supporting shaft connected with the automobile double bridge. The improvement lies in that there is a polyurethane elastic body between the pull rod head and the supporting shaft. For automobile thrust rods, the deformation of the joint between the head and the double bridge is concentrated on the polyurethane elastomer. Because the polyurethane elastomer has strong elasticity, the deformation can be restored, so the connection between the head and the double bridge is in three-dimensional coordinates. It has a great degree of freedom of movement inside, and the service life of the thrust rod is more than 3 times that of the known technology.

sinotruk howo front suspension parts howo push rod AZ9631523175
5.3WG9725527215Clamp assembly1
5.4WG9725526205Bearing assembly1
5.7Q40518Spring washer1
7AZ9725520250Guide plate4
9Q40314Spring washer16
12AZ9725520278Rubber base assembly4
15AZ9631523175Rod assembly4

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sinotruk howo front suspension parts howo push rod AZ9631523175

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