sinotruk howo 6×4 371 dump truck

howo 6×4 371 dump truck shape

Flat tip dump truck, pointed tip dump truck

Link form

Direct push tilting mechanism; connecting rod tilting mechanism.


Agricultural dump trucks, mining dump trucks, garbage dump trucks, coal transportation dump trucks, construction machinery dump trucks, sludge dump trucks.

Drive way

4×2 (single axle) dump truck, 6×2 (front four rear four) dump truck, 6×4 (rear double axle) dump truck, 8×4 (front four rear eight) dump truck, double axle semi-trailer dump truck, three-axle semi-trailer dump truck Dump truck.
flip.Front lift and rollover dump trucks, as well as two-way rollover dump trucks, are mainly used in construction projects.


Because the loading carriage can automatically tilt over a certain angle for unloading, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is a commonly used transportation vehicle.
Maintenance skills

  1. New dump trucks or trucks that have been overhauled and shipped out of the factory must undergo trial operation to make the lifting process of the carriage smooth and without movement.
  2. When using, the lubricating oil should be selected correctly for each part according to the regulations, which greatly saves the unloading time and labor. The lifting mechanism strictly changes the oil on schedule.
  3. Shipment according to the rated load capacity, overloading is strictly prohibited.
Product NameHowo 6×4 10 wheel howo truck
Loading capacity(ton)20-30
Dump truck body(mm)5400/5600/5800/6000/6200 x2300x1500 Bottom:8mm Side:6mmFront Hydraulic Lifting
EngineWD615.69/47 336HP 371HPD10.42-20 420hp Euro 2/3/4 Diesel
GearboxHW19710/12 manual 
CabinHW76 One sleeper with air conditioner 

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